Peinture: Claude Le Boul

Despite its visual evidence, the art of the painter Claude Le Boul is much closer to the unsaid than that which it appears to deliver.

Veiling the subject, the art of Claude Le Boul does seem different: full of emotions, dreams, mysteries and fantasies. Through its power of transformation, adaptation, flexibility and mobility, the sheets are the expressions of the body and the questions that the painting hides.

Claude Le Boul lives and works in Paris. After his studies at the ENSBA, Claude Le Boul participated in many European art competitions of painters, where he very often won the first prizes. Therefore introduced to several art galleries and national museums, Claude Le Boul is now an internationally renowned painter. He has been exhibiting his art for more than fourty years mainly in Paris, Geneva, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Tokyo, New York, Miami, and Beijing.